Thursday, September 24, 2009

OOOOPS! I just about forgot about one. My Dock image can be purchased at the Pixie Cottage website. I think Michelle stated that this would work very well with the other little girl and boy stamps. Nice cozy place to sit and relax!


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Your designs are wonderful and will be a dream to work with I'm sure........ I can't say too much just now (wink) but I'm very excited ;o)
    Hugs Tara xx

  2. Winking back! ;) Don't you just LOVE, LOVE little birdies that whispers things in your ears!!!

  3. hello Sandra, I have tried for 2 days to be a follower on your blog and for some reason it wouldn't let me. But I'm in now... hugs, janiel

  4. You know what Janiel, I was having the same problems. I would follow someone and then they wouldn't show up, so I would have to try and find them again. Not for sure what was up with that. Soooo very glad you are following me!!! HUGS BACK!!!

  5. What a beautiful piece of art Sandra!

  6. I have this one Sandra and I am already planning my card out! You said your head is about ready to explode with ideas, well I can wait to see what falls out of that head of yours. EVERYTHING you have designed is just beautiful! I just want to do your art the honor it deserves.
    Regarding your bare bottom image by your profile, remind me to share a photo I have of my children when they were younger.
    My email is


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