Friday, October 30, 2009


I have an idea! Sometimes that happens!! LOL!! It has to do with Hannah. I have been thinking of a setting for Hannah. Got any suggestions? I would like to hear them. Maybe I can draw them, maybe not. What would you like to see in the future? Put your thinking caps on girls!!! Post them if you can.


  1. Hi Sandra! I would love to see Hannah in a garden of flowers or under a trellis something like that. Something with flowers. Even holding a basket of flowers. I so love your Hannah stamps!!!! I'm sure I'll think of more!!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    As Christmas is fast approaching I think Hannah would look lovely in amongst snow capped fir trees!
    Hugs Tara xx

  3. i'd love to see Hannah leaning down pouring some milk in a bowl for a kitty... sitting at a desk writing a letter... looking out a window at a big moon and stars... these are all settings where we wouldn't have to see her from the front!

    i love the softness of your Hannah images, and i think there are so many different moods that can be conveyed depending on what papers and embellies are used! keep up the brilliant work! :)

  4. How about Hannah fishing? Girls like those kind of things too, LOL :)

  5. Hi Sandra:0) How about Hannah riding a bike? Hannah sitting watching some ducks in a pond? Hannah wearing a schoolbag on her back. That was some things to think about:0)
    I bet she will be super cute no matter what she does.
    Have a brilliant weekend.
    Hugs, Nancy.

  6. WOW!!! I LOVE them all!!! Keep them coming girls!


  7. Hi Sandra! How exciting!

    How about Hannah in some Valentine settings, since it is coming up right after Christmas... Hannah holding a big heart in her arms? A sitting Hannah with a lollipop, Hannah with a basket with hearts.

    And then we have Easter and Spring settings;
    Hannah with some chickens, With Easter eggs, Kneeling with a basket filled with easter eggs, and daffodils flowers.

    And for spring; I love them
    Hannah playing with some butterflies, flying by!

    Ohhh... my head is spinning..LOL...
    I can probably think of a thousand more...

    No matter what, I know she is going to be absolutely gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see!


  8. I am making a list girls! One down and done! ;) Keep them coming girls! Thank you!!!

    Happy Halloween!!!


  9. Oh I like the idea of Hannah sitting with a basket of hearts and tossing them out...Jorunn excellent idea.... someday maybe we will "see" Hannah?!?!

  10. You have got a lot of great ideas here Sandra.
    And I think Hannah is besutiful no matter what she does.

    Like someone has suggested before... I would love to see here with a heart/hearts and flowers. Maybe she can do some cooking? And maybe stamps in different sizes?

    You are doing a brilliant job Sandra!!! =)

    Hugs, Anne

  11. Hi Sandra,
    I see that you have a bundle of ideas for Hannah already. I also think that what ever idea you choose, Hannah will be picture perfect!
    Take care and have a blessed day!

  12. I just adore Hannah! I love the ideas with the flowers and butterflies :) Ooh, how about decorating a Christmas tree?

  13. Hi Sandra!
    I have made a card with Hannah with the slade, and I really enjoyed it! =) She is sooo sweet.

    What about Hannah feeding an animal? and I would love to se her crafting something!

    Hope your day is great Sandra!!
    Hugs, Anne


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